Tiny House

Live small, live efficiently! This is the concept of Folkecenter's Tiny House!
The building is constructed using sustainable materials which, at the same time, guarantee good indoor climate and which reduce the energy expenses.

What is a Tiny House?

We consider a tiny house a buiding which area is up to 25 m2. Sure, this looks like a small house, but do you really think you need a bigger one?
There are several groups of people for whom a large building is not necessary: for example, young people who would like to become independent without starting a mortgage, or seniors, for whom the house suddenly became too big. By building a tiny house (or living in one), people can get their own space without for that sacrificing years of salary. At the same time, a tiny house can be more sustainable, because it will require a lower amount of energy to heat it up.

Folkecenter's tiny house is special: not only there is an attention to the financial aspect, but also to the sustainability of the materials: the house is built using natural and recyclable materials as much as possible and its core is constituted by straw panels, which are assembled together as Lego bricks!

Tiny House Workshop(s)

Learn by doing is important, which is why we organized a workshop where people could come and learn how to actually build a tiny house! The workshop took place in the period 24-28 August 2020 and it showed a lot of interest: not only all the places were sold out, but we also had a long waiting list.

The sliding pictures above represent some of the moments of the workshop, with the people taking care of a wide variety of tasks: from moving the straw elements with our electric van, to building the roof structures, everyone did its part. The result is astonishing: in only five days we could raise the house and prepare all the main parts for the next stages!

One workshops is going to be held on 12-13 October. The focus of the workshops will be to continue the work on the Tiny House. Additionally, three more 2-days workshops will be released between December 2020 and March 2021. More information can be found on our event website (folkecenterevents.net)

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Tiny house

Stay tuned: more news will follow!